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Buy-to-Let Bespoke Furniture Solutions

The buy-to-let market is more competitive than ever, and an empty rental property will cost you money.

It’s vitally important to present your property so that it will have maximum appeal for your target rental market. But it is equally important that getting to that point is handled in a time efficient manner to minimise the risk of an empty rental property.

Buy to Let Interior Solutions

Design Solutions and Interiors have many years’ experience of preparing a property and commissioning any custom-made furniture that may be required to optimise a rental property while delivering to tight timescales. We have facilitated many buy-to-let design projects for overseas clients from Malaysia, China and Dubai working from a client brief for usage and budget.

We’re keen to familiarise ourselves with you the client and the property in question but we are quite happy to communicate entirely by telephone and email should the need arise.


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