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Getting inside the head of an interior design client is key

Hiring an interior designer to work within your home involves an element of trust. Your home can mean many things to you:

  • It’s your retreat from the world … your safe place.
  • It provides security for you and your family.
  • It’s a place to spend your leisure time and for entertaining.
  • It may even be a financial investment for the future.
  • With more and more freelancers and small businesses starting up it may even be your place of work.

Given all these potential demands on the space available, it’s vitally important that you select an interior designer that can understand these different needs, or combination of, as well as being able to interpret your own unique taste and style and then bring all these elements together to create one cohesive whole.

Suspended ceiling

In the project featured in this post, as soon as the drawings were done, I began working on the optimum layout for the kitchen, dining and TV lounge areas. There was a large support beam that needed to be taken into consideration and this has been concealed with a large drop-down ceiling to house extraction fan and lighting over what has become a super prepping and cooking space in the kitchen.

Working closely from the initial stages of development of plan and getting inside the head of the client is key.


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